About Karla Neal Pierce

"Everyday I wake up with the mission of helping others turn their dreams into reality."
-Β Karla Neal Pierce


Karla Neal Pierce is a top network marketing leader, philanthropist, and speaker. Karla's mission in life is to help others turn their dreams into reality. She has been able to achieve her own dream of prosperity and success by working hard every day. Karla manages a team of over 92,000 consultants with the goal of helping them succeed as well.

To date, she has produced more than 40 Elite leaders in her organizational downline that have gone on to produce other Elites for themselves. This achievement makes Karla the first African-American to reach 5 different Elite ranks and 2 Company milestones!

In addition to being a hard worker, KarlaΒ is also an award-winning product seller and founder of A Finishing Touch Millionaire's Club.

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