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Butterfly Symbolism And Meaning: What Do Butterflies Symbolize?

As you know, my Black Diamond Exclusive Butterfly Ring was released on Friday!  Only my team has access to this beautiful ring!   why shop & keep an amazing Butterfly Collection for my customers to always shop from.   

Butterflies are beautiful, majestic creatures that evolve from a dull black caterpillar into a winged insect with a kaleidoscope of color on their paper-thin wings. And largely thanks to this amazing and inspiring process of metamorphosis, it is definitely not a surprise that these creatures have been centerpieces of symbolism all around the world.

Over time different cultures, religions, and individuals have inferred different meanings from this brightly colored member of the moth family, making the butterfly a symbol for many admiring qualities that influence. Some prominent symbolism associated with butterflies and their metamorphosis include:

* Resilience and Endurance

* Rebirth

* Transformation

* Resurrection

* Change

* Hope

* Life

My message to you! 

Think about all that the butterfly represents & how it relates to your life!

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